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Tuesday September 23, 2014
12:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - On a visit to Kentucky horse country, Jessica and Harry McGraw find themselves on the track of a murder.
01:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - Ratings seeking stunts by TV talk show hosts Darren & Mary has tragic results.
02:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - When a rash of deaths at a high school revolve around one 'helpful' young girl, Dr. Sloan risks his own life to uncover the murderer.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - When politician Harrison Burke is photographed with his girlfriend, he fears for his career while she fears for her marriage.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - The victim of a swindle finds his troubles multiplying when he's accused of murder.
05:00 AM
Matlock - Leanne falls for a client, a philanthropist accused of murdering his business partner.
06:00 AM
Matlock - A thug breaks into Leanne's house, steals her diary and tries to make her fall in love with him, using her journal for romantic inspiration.
07:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - A book fair in Miami becomes Jessica's backdrop when she teams with a Russian detective to solve an art theft and murder.
08:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - Jessica helps Seth solve family problems when his rich southern cousin is murdered.
09:00 AM
Cupid & Cate - Mary-Louise Parker stars as a vibrant young woman who breaks off an uninspired relationship when she falls for a witty and kind young lawyer. Also stars Peter Gallagher and Bebe Neuwirth.
11:00 AM
Remember Sunday - A down-on-her-luck waitress meets jewelry store clerk, Gus, but complications ensue because of his memory problems. A brain aneurysm three years earlier gives Gus a blank slate the second his alarm wakes him each day. Stars Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi.
01:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - Steve joins his troubled detective partner in a rehab facility for cops on the edge.
02:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - Steve investigates a series of seemingly unconnected murders committed by terminally ill patients, to find the hidden thread.
03:00 PM
Matlock - When a dirty cop decides to come clean, his companions wipe him out. Matlock has to prove which one did it.
04:00 PM
Matlock - Matlock thinks he has the case all sewed up until his client's brother shows up--an identical twin.
05:00 PM
Expecting a Miracle - Botched directions lead a struggling couple (Teri Polo, Jason Priestley) to a small Mexican town whose residents have a positive effect on the pair's faltering marriage. Cheech Marin and Rebeka Montoya also star.
07:00 PM
Ladies of the House - Three women join together to remodel a house owned by their church so it can be sold and the money can be used to fund the church day care center. As they remodel the house, one woman decides to divorce her husband, one woman deals with her husband’s retirement and the third woman deals with the death of her husband from cancer. Stars Pam Grier, Florence Henderson and Donna Mills .
09:00 PM
Memory Book, The - One day while shopping at a flea market, a budding photographer in San Francisco discovers a personal book of pictures showcasing the romance of a young couple from the early seventies. Believing that true love is a falsehood, she sets out on a journey to find the couple she knows only through photos, hoping to discover love. Stars Meghan Ory and Luke Macfarlane.
11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote - A 20-year-old bank robbery leads to murder when the main suspect returns from the dead, and Jessica is called upon to investigate the murder.