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Sunday September 21, 2014
01:00 AM
Moondance Alexander - Moondance Alexander is a spirited teen living with her eccentric mother. She is faced with another uneventful summer until she discovers a lost pinto pony who has jumped out of his paddock. Although Moondance returns the horse to his rightful owner, she is convinced that the pony is a champion jumper in disguise and is determined to help him realize his full potential. Stars Kay Panabaker, Don Johnson and Lori Loughlin.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - Columnist Elihu Laban is hit with a murder rap when his efforts to obtain secret papers from a foreign minister backfire.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - Attorney Sherman Hatfield is sought out by a blackmail-plagued industrialist.
05:00 AM
Mister Ed - Ed decides to settle down with a cute filly so he asks Wilbur to get a justice of the peace to perform the marriage ceremony.
05:30 AM
Mister Ed - Ed refuses to continue to wear a saddle and he demands that Wilbur ride him bareback from now on, so Wilbur gets a motorcycle to retaliate.
06:00 AM
Mister Ed - Ed discovers that he's part Indian steed
06:30 AM
Mister Ed - Mister Ed goes to school so he can become a veterinarian.
07:00 AM
Mister Ed - Wilbur's wife and neigbors think he's crazy when he tells them that his pet horse, Ed, is talking to him.
07:30 AM
Mister Ed - Wilbur is trying to win a contract to build a clubhouse, but Ed gets him into trouble and botches the idea.
08:00 AM
Mister Ed - Carol gets wrapped up in a woman's club and completely ignores Wilbur. It's up to Ed to try and help her overcome the obsession.
08:30 AM
Mister Ed - When the Addisons and Posts take a vacation without Ed, he leaves and starts a new life as a kiddie ride in an amusement park. It's up to Wilbur to persuade his horse to return home.
09:00 AM
Mister Ed - Mister Ed gets on Carol's bad side with his antics but when Wilbur defends him he ends up sleeping in the barn.
09:30 AM
Mister Ed - Ed is used as a team mascot and Wilbur must come to his rescue when Ed is stolen by a rival team.
10:00 AM
Mister Ed - Ed balks at appearing in a Western because he feels that horses in Westerns get abused. Then he meets a cute filly also scheduled to be in the Western and soon changes his mind.
10:30 AM
Mister Ed - Wilbur removes the phone in the barn when he catches Ed using it to make prank calls.
11:00 AM
McBride: Fallen Idol - McBride and Phil represent a young man accused of murdering a famous and success lawyer, who is also McBride's mentor. Stars John Larroquette, Marta DuBois, and Matt Lutz.
01:00 PM
McBride: Semper Fi - On a quiet street, in a seemingly ordinary home, a horrific crime has occurred, and a fireman and former marine medic is accused of killing his wife and daughters. Stars John Larroquette, Marta Dubois, and Matt Lutz.
03:00 PM
McBride: The Doctor is Out...Really Out - When therapist George Prescott is murdered, investigator Jim McBride is summoned to questions the doctor’s biggest head cases, including vindictive lovers, jealous colleagues, and vengeful rivals. Stars John Larroquette, Marta Dubois,and Matt Lutz.
05:00 PM
McBride: Tune In For Murder - McBride's case involves two larger than life radio stars who host the highly successful morning show "Ron and Bob." But when Ron is murdered and all the evidence points to Bob, McBride and Phil begin investigating and what they turn up are a lot of unanswered questions. Stars John Larroquette, Marta Dubois, and Matt Lutz.
07:00 PM
McBride: The Chameleon Murder - As a favor to a friend, defense attorney McBride takes on a client accused of murdering a woman. When McBride and his partner Phil investigate the deceased, they discover she had many identities and with each new life she was leading the list of suspects grows larger. Stars John Larroquette, Marta Dubois, Matt Lutz.
09:00 PM
McBride: It's Murder, Madam - An actress, furious that she has been duped into working at an escort service, goes to confront her boss about the situation. She is shocked when she discovers her boss's dead body and is later arrested for the murder. Defense attorney McBride takes on the case to prove Marilyn is innocent. Stars John Larroquette, Marta Dubois, Matt Lutz.
11:00 PM
McBride: Dogged - The annual L.A. Kennel Club Dog Show gets treated to an unexpected surprise when a backstage murder incriminates the winning canine's lovely handler. Stars John Larroquette, Marta DuBois, and Matt Lutz.