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Thursday August 21, 2014
12:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - Arson is intended to remove the rodeo doctor and his patient permanently.
01:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - The daughter of one of Mark's friends writes a juicy tell-all expose of the most prominent public figures. Mark takes her in after a crazed stalker starts threatening her and her co-authors.
02:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - Mark investigates a perky morning television personalty for the murder of a Howard Stern-like radio host.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - Bob Lansing's search for a philanthropist who helped him as a child takes him to a small town, where he is greeted by icy stares, and a murder charge.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - Inventor James Frazer suddenly turns up after a three-week absence, just in time to take the rap for his wifes murder.
05:00 AM
Matlock - When Julie is threatened, Matlock and Conrad investigate the ensuing harassment by an angry witness.
06:00 AM
Matlock - "The Peach Pit", a political cartoon, is not appreciated by a state senator who's reputation is smirched. He claims this is actually a blackmail scheme.
07:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - After a tycoon disappears, a psychic divines that he has been murdered--then she is found dead!
08:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - The return of a Gulf War veteran and his reunion with his fiancée is marred by his big secret.
09:00 AM
This Magic Moment - Aspiring screenwriter Clark Gable sees a chance for his big break when a movie, starring fabulous actress Helena Harris, comes to shoot in his small hometown. Clark manages to catch Helena’s attention and is soon helping her in her plan to make a former lover jealous. However, when their fake romance turns into something more, Clark finds himself caught between his admiration for the famous beauty and his feelings for his ex-girlfriend who has recently returned to town. Stars Diana Neal and Travis Schuldt.
11:00 AM
Meet My Mom - A single mother moves across the country to make a new life and finds herself falling for a soldier who has become her young son’s mentor. Stars Lori Loughlin and Johnny Messner.
01:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - With Jesse falsely accused, Ben Matlock pieces together the evidence to find the real killer of Eric Spindler.
02:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - Mark aids an old friend, Joe Mannix, in solving a 25-year-old, unsolved murder.
03:00 PM
Matlock - Matlock gives it the old college try when a law-school buddy is murdered after their class reunion, and he defends another friend who's been arrested for the crime.
04:00 PM
Matlock - Matlock has to do some fancy footwork to prove that a dance instructor didn't murder his wealthy, married lover. Meanwhile, Matlock continues to waltz around his relationship with Julie.
05:00 PM
Taking a Chance on Love - Columnist Peyton MacGruder (Genie Francis) befriends a reader who sent her a note that inspires Peyton to reconsider the choices she's made and her reluctance to accept her boyfriend's marriage proposal. Sequel to the popular Hallmark Channel original The Note. Ted McGinley also stars.
07:00 PM
Three Weeks, Three Kids - A twenty-five-year-olds nonchalant and uncommited life is turned rightside up when she must take care of her sister's three kids. Stars Anna Chlumsky and Warren Christie.
09:00 PM
Flower Girl - Florist Laurel Haverford is surrounded by weddings. It makes up a large part of her business, and now all of her friends are getting married leaving her behind. When she meets a charming and stable doctor Evan Cooper who is everything a girl could want, she thinks he may be the one. However, an unexpected encounter with a free-spirited writer, Stephen Banks, soon has Laurel confused and forces her to choose between her head and her heart. Stars Marla Sokoloff, Kieren Hutchison, and Marion Ross.
11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote - Two critics take opposite views of a play based on one of Jessica's novels, 'Mainly Murder'. One is suspected of the murder of the other.