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Tuesday July 22, 2014
12:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - There is no love lost at a racquet club when a tennis star is killed by a bomb planted in his girlfriend's car.
01:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - Dr. Sloan investigates a controversial attorney who confesses to murder while near death but recants after he recovers.
02:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - The man charged with murdering Steve's former girlfriend is set free when the only witness against him is gunned down in the courtroom before he can testify. Also: Mark suspects that his new, rude neighbor murdered his live-in girlfriend and dumped her body in the ocean.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - Mason must dig deep into his bag of legal tricks as he defends an elderly murder suspect.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - A vacationing Mason returns to the courtroom when a murder interrupts his ocean voyage.
05:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock defends a TV producer accused of literally backstabbing a network-programming chief.
06:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock uncovers startling evidence in the case of a woman accused of killing the author, Stephen Cassidy, who exposed a political family's secrets.
07:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - The book is closed on a book expert after he finds proof that a torched Mark Twain manuscript was a fake.
08:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - Jimmy Dean plays a country-music star who's the victim in this story.
09:00 AM
Dear Prudence - Prudence Macintyre is a humorous Martha Stewart-like advice columnist and TV personality, who escapes on a much needed vacation from her work-driven life. While on her vacation, she finds herself embroiled in solving a murder mystery by using her own quick wit and good housekeeping tips. Stars Jane Seymour and Jamey Sheridan.
11:00 AM
After All These Years - When a woman is wrongly accused of the death of her ex-husband, she sets out to solve the murder mystery and find the real killer before the day of the funeral, when she is to be taken into custody. Based on the book by best-selling author Susan Isaacs. Stars Wendie Malick Gregory Harrison.
01:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - The newly crowned boxing champion is found murdered shortly after the bout. Jack and Amanda investigate the deceased's former trainer, his opponent, and his opponent's manager to find a way through a web of lies and deceit.
02:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - Mark has some unorthodox theories when several dead bodies are found drained of blood with puncture marks on their neck.
03:00 PM
Matlock - Matlock, Leanne and Cliff attend a murder mystery weekend on an island, where murder's afoot--literally, but this is a rehash of old shows used as clues.
04:00 PM
Matlock - Matlock meets an assistant DA who's just like him, but their friendship is hampered by the fact that they're on opposite sides of a case involving a murdered city councilwoman.
05:00 PM
My Gal Sunday - A newlywed couple must prove their crime-solving prowess when their politically-tied parents are taken hostage by a vengeful kidnapper looking for justice for the wrongful murder conviction of his brother. Based on the book by Mary Higgins Clark. Stars Jack Wagner, Cameron Mathison and Rachel Blanchard.
07:00 PM
Seven Year Hitch, The - Jennifer and Kevin have been best friends, but when Jennifer gets engaged to her boyfriend Bryce, Kevin thinks she’s making a huge mistake with the wrong guy and plays interference, claiming he is already married to Jennifer under common law. Stars Natalie Hall and Darin Brooks.
09:00 PM
Nanny Express, The - A spunky nanny (Vanessa Marcil) tries to win over her rebellious charges, who are coping with the death of their mother. Romance soon blooms between the nanny and the kids' father (Brennan Elliott), but the relationship could stall if the kids object. Dean Stockwell and Stacy Keach also star.
11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote - In New Orleans to attend a Mardi Gras party, Jessica gets involved when her cousin is suspected of murder.