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Wednesday April 23, 2014
12:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - The personal manager of a 'resting' actor dies just as his client returns to the stage.
01:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - Dr. Sloan takes in an abandoned young girl found at the scene of a murder, while Steve and Jesse go about tracking down the killer.
02:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - The murder of a beautiful woman around a marine encampment raises suspicions. Dr. Sloan discovers more to her than meets the eye.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - A small Danish community and its craftsmen are the targets of a double-dealing con man out for a quick profit.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - Mason uncovers an elaborate smuggling scheme while trying to clear a beautiful amnesia victim of murder.
05:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock joins forces with an investigative reporter to help a woman charged with the arson murder of her husband.
06:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock tries to establish that any of four hospital residents--not just his client--might have had a motive for murdering the doctor in charge of the resident program.
07:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - Excavation at the site for a new hotel turns up what may be the remains of a Revolutionary war hero who didn't die naturally.
08:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - While filming a soap opera in which Mrs. Fletcher's niece plays a part, a 'pretend' victim is really dead.
09:00 AM
Lies Between Friends - When art restorer Joss Jenner joins her old college friends for a weekend reunion, old jealousies and deeply buried secrets lead to murder. Devastated by the loss, Joss is unable to rest until she figures out who is responsible for the crime. Stars Gabrielle Anwar and Craig Sheffer.
11:00 AM
Freshman Father - The responsibility of parenthood weighs heavily on Harvard freshman John Patton and his wife, Kathy. Overwhelmed by the pressures of young motherhood, Kathy makes the difficult decision to leave her new family. To make the grade and stay in school, John must figure out how to balance the heavy workload of college with being a single parent to his newborn son. Based on a true story. Stars Drew Seeley, Britt Irvin and Annie Potts.
01:00 PM
For the Love of Grace - An act of heroism changes the lives of two strangers affected by the past, and invites them to face an uncertain future together. Stars Mark Consuelos, Chandra West and Corbin Bernsen.
03:00 PM
Note, The - Three weeks before Christmas, a plane crashes leaving no survivors. An advice columnist finds herself in possession of a note written by one of the airplane passengers, addressed to the person's estranged father. As she travels across the country trying to track down the intended recipient of the note she unexpectedly confronts her own personal demons as well. Stars Genie Francis and Ted McGinley.
05:00 PM
America's Prince: The John F Kennedy Jr. Story - Based on the bestselling book, "The Day John Died", America's Prince takes viewers inside the life of John F. Kennedy Jr., a man destined to live in his father's shadow. Stars Kristoffer Polaha, Portia de Rossi and Jacqueline Bisset.
07:00 PM
Fixing Pete - Fashion writer Alexis is given the job assignment to make over Pete Mallion, a messy, chauvinistic, sports journalist. Although she is repulsed by Pete at first, she teaches him how to improve his inner and outer beauty and along the way discovers he is something special beneath the surface. Stars Brooke Burns, Dylan Bruno, Valerie Harper, and John Ratzenberger.
09:00 PM
Notes from Dad - Trumpet player Roy Allen starts anew as a music teacher in a school full of kids with little exposure to music. Roy connects with a talented virtuoso in need of a father figure. Through the journey of launching a school band and learning to reach kids on their own terms, Nate reconnects with his own estranged son, becoming the father he always wanted to be. Stars Eddie Cibrian.
11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote - When a young man in her writing class is arrested for the murder of a New York slumlord, Jessica sets out to find the killer and clear her student.