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Monday April 21, 2014
12:00 AM
Good Wife, The - Alicia is asked to represent a doctor who prescribed medication to a star high school football quarterback that lead to his overdose and death. Meanwhile, Alicia tries to deal with bad news.
01:00 AM
Good Wife, The - As Peter's appeal trial begins, Alicia is asked to defend a wealthy client, but doubts that he is innocent despite being found not guilty in criminal court. Meanwhile, Diane feels threatened when a felon she worked to put in prison is released.
02:00 AM
Good Wife, The - Alicia defends a man accused of murdering his baby sitter. Meanwhile, the outcome of Peter's appeal and possible homecoming nears.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - Masons defense of a executive accused of homicide hinges on unmasking a blackmailer and an alleged Nazi war criminal.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - Sue Ellen Frazers defiance of her millionaire father-in-law buys her a one-way ticket to jail and a charge of murder.
05:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock defends a man whose murder case he lost seven years before: the man, now nearing parole, is charged with the stabbing death of a fellow inmate.
06:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock tries to keep a tight rein on a would-be assistant while trying to prove a heartthrob actor didn't kill the head of the Halvorn sex-therapy clinic.
07:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - Over Jessica's protests, she is taken to a hospital after a minor accident in the airport.
08:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - An unpopular show-business personality discovers that elaborate security systems are no guarantee of safety.
09:00 AM
Citizen Jane - Jane Alexander is enjoying a comfortable life in San Francisco with the man she loves. But her idyllic life is shattered when her beloved aunt is murdered in San Jose. Jane's heartbreak turns to horror when police detective Jack Morris, finally convinces her that the killer is none other than her boyfriend, Tom O'Donnell. Jane embarks on an epic journey to track down and convict O'Donnell. A true story based on the book by James Dalessandro. Stars Ally Sheedy, Meat Loaf Aday and Sean Patrick Flanery.
11:00 AM
Two Came Back - Five young people agree to crew a sailboat and travel up the California coast for the owner. Things turn deadly when a storm strikes the boat throwing the crew into a zodiac without food or water.
01:00 PM
Ladies of the House - Three women join together to remodel a house owned by their church so it can be sold and the money can be used to fund the church day care center. As they remodel the house, one woman decides to divorce her husband, one woman deals with her husband’s retirement and the third woman deals with the death of her husband from cancer. Stars Pam Grier, Florence Henderson and Donna Mills .
03:00 PM
Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith - Recently divorced and looking for direction to her life, Alice Washington returns to Smith College to finish her degree. A mix up in her housing arrangements accidentally pairs her with roommate Zoe, a pink-haired rebel who has come to Smith specifically to get away from her mother. As the semester progresses, Alice becomes Smith’s oldest-ever basketball player, and reconnects with her youthful spirit in building a relationship with Zoe. Stars Cybill Shepherd, Corri English, Jeffrey Nordling.
05:00 PM
Meddling Mom - Carmen Vega is guilty of being a meddling mom. Her crimes include slipping into daughter Yolanda’s home to leave behind “how-to” books on starting a family and manipulating daughter Ally into a doomed relationship with her best friend Marisol’s son Pablo. Now Carmen Vega, notorious mother of good intentions, is about to get a crash course in butting out and maybe she'll even find a romantic life of her own. Stars Sonia Braga, Tony Plano, Ana Ayora and Mercedes Renard.
07:00 PM
Firelight - Cuba Gooding Jr. plays “D.J.,” a counselor at a women’s correctional center who dedicates his professional life to helping young people reclaim their own self-respect through selfless service to others. D.J. encourages the women to join an elite team that fights forest fires and assists civilian victims of natural disasters. As brave volunteers, the young team members receive a second chance in life. Also stars Q'orianka Kilcher, Dewanda Wise and Rebecca Rivera.
09:00 PM
Loving Leah - When Leah’s husband Benjamin dies suddenly, Benjamin’s brother Jake is stunned to learn he is expected to marry the childless Leah to carry on his brother’s name. Jake suggests to Leah that they get married and maintain a secretly platonic relationship. The harder they try to disguise their "pretend" marriage, the more their appreciation for each other's worlds grows, and out of understanding, a real love develops. Stars Lauren Ambrose, Mercedes Ruehl and Ricki Lake.
11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote - After a tycoon disappears, a psychic divines that he has been murdered--then she is found dead!