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Tuesday October 21, 2014
12:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - When a young man in her writing class is arrested for the murder of a New York slumlord, Jessica sets out to find the killer and clear her student.
01:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - Mark learns that a hospital maintenance man is actually an escaped convict who was sentenced to prison 13 years ago for the murder of his wife but Mark believes he is innocent and sets out to prove it.
02:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder - Mark, Jesse and Amanda take a working vacation aboard a cruise ship and end up working a murder case when a wealthy man (John Bennett Perry) is thrown overboard, perhaps by someone in his family.
03:00 AM
Perry Mason - Burger tries to head off trouble when his young assistant falls for an unscrupulous woman.
04:00 AM
Perry Mason - Tyrannical patriarch Enrico Bancio fears that a centuries-old vendetta against his family is being renewed.
05:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock goes to the mat to prove that Cassie's favorite pro wrestler, the Annihilator, was framed for the murder of rival grappler Sailor Jack.
06:00 AM
Matlock - Matlock defends a TV producer accused of literally backstabbing a network-programming chief.
07:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - While visiting her cousin at Langley Manor, a country estate in the South, a man dies during a fox-hunt under strange circumstances, and Jessica tries to find out what really happened.
08:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote - While in Seattle lecturing at the university, Jessica is convinced that the young man she hired as her secretary is not a killer.
09:00 AM
Beverly Lewis' The Confession - After leaving her Amish town and the only family she has ever known, Katie Lapp ventures to New York City to find her birth mother, Laura Mayfield-Bennett. Katie finds Laura but is shocked to discover an imposter claiming to be Katie Lapp is already living in Laura’s home. As Katie tries to unravel the mystery, Daniel Fisher, the young man who captured Katie’s heart years ago, has returned to find Katie—the one woman he ever truly loved. Stars Sherry Stringfield, Katie Leclerc, Adrian Paul and Cameron Stewart.
11:00 AM
Remember Sunday - A down-on-her-luck waitress meets jewelry store clerk, Gus, but complications ensue because of his memory problems. A brain aneurysm three years earlier gives Gus a blank slate the second his alarm wakes him each day. Stars Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi.
01:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - Dr. Sloan investigates a controversial attorney who confesses to murder while near death but recants after he recovers.
02:00 PM
Diagnosis Murder - The man charged with murdering Steve's former girlfriend is set free when the only witness against him is gunned down in the courtroom before he can testify. Also: Mark suspects that his new, rude neighbor murdered his live-in girlfriend and dumped her body in the ocean.
03:00 PM
Matlock - A thug breaks into Leanne's house, steals her diary and tries to make her fall in love with him, using her journal for romantic inspiration.
04:00 PM
Matlock - Matlock fears that the judge will throw the book at his client, a stealer of rare tomes accused of murdering the man who closed the book on his thefts.
05:00 PM
Daniel's Daughter - With great reluctance, a young media mogel, who is engaged to a powerful businessman twenty years her senior, returns home to bury her estranged father's ashes. Stars Laura Leighton, Sebastian Spence and Brandon Firla.
07:00 PM
Loving Leah - When Leah’s husband Benjamin dies suddenly, Benjamin’s brother Jake is stunned to learn he is expected to marry the childless Leah to carry on his brother’s name. Jake suggests to Leah that they get married and maintain a secretly platonic relationship. The harder they try to disguise their "pretend" marriage, the more their appreciation for each other's worlds grows, and out of understanding, a real love develops. Stars Lauren Ambrose, Mercedes Ruehl and Ricki Lake.
09:00 PM
Uncorked - Johnny is a high-powered executive who is definitely not looking to fall in love but a business conference takes her to wine country she meets a handsome widower Andrew who invites Johnny to meet his family after she loses her job. In helping his parents' winery she begins to fall in love with him and his family but when she gets offered another job she has to chose between her career or Andrew. Stars Julie Benz, JoBeth Williams, Elliott Gould and Scott Elrod.
11:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote - Are the disappearance of a private eye in 1963 and the Kennedy assassination of the same year connected?